Nitro Community Development

The Nitro Development Authority has restructured to focus on Community Development. The areas of concentration are small business, recreation, youth development, and the beautification of our wonderful city. Each of these committees consists of volunteers committed to bettering the community they live and work in, raise their children in. The small business committee is chaired by the local business owner of C4Impress, Courtney Mathes. This committee exists to support the small businesses in Nitro. We provide marketing and social media assistance, as well as quarterly campaigns to draw business to our retail establishments. The recreation committee is chaired by Tracy Toler, a local entrepreneur, and avid outdoorsman.  Tracy focuses on providing outdoor recreation opportunities to the residents and visitors to Nitro’s Ridenour Lake. The youth development committee is chaired by Councilman Joe Murphy, a native of Nitro and also a small business owner of 2 businesses in the city. Joe is heavily involved in Midget Football and Kiwanis so it made natural sense for him to lead the committee to focus on the youth of our city. The beautification committee is chaired by Councilwoman Donna Boggs. Donna has been steadfast in her resolve to keep Nitro beautiful. From holiday decor to bright spring flowers, she is dedicated to making look its best.